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Integrity: An Itemize Value

By March 28, 2018 April 24th, 2018 No Comments
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Integrity is an important component of the Itemize culture, so much so that it’s one of the company’s values. As a small team, with not much overlap in role or function, it’s important for all members to feel like they can count on one another. Whether it’s a new product feature, a customer support issue, or a show-stopping production problem, Itemize takes pride in knowing that the entire team can handle whatever is thrown at them.

Flashback to Christmas Eve of 2016. It was an early Saturday morning when Itemize CEO, Jim Thomas, called Ryan Courtade, Itemize Director of Product. It’s very unusual for Itemize employees to have to work on a holiday, let alone the day before Christmas. Ryan, therefore realizing that Jim’s call must carry an urgent message, answered the phone and quickly learned that the entire receipt processing pipeline was down. With only two months working at the company, Ryan elected to call the technology team, hoping that on Christmas Eve of all days someone would answer – and they did. The entire issue was resolved in less than 10 minutes by both a developer and a database administrator.

All three Itemize employees could have chosen not to answer their phones that morning. It was a weekend, an early morning, and the day before a holiday. Any one of them could have said they would investigate it and just roll back into bed for a few more hours. They could have blamed someone else, said it was not their responsibility, or done any number of things to not work that morning. But at Itemize, integrity is one of the most important values of the company, and every employee puts the needs of the team ahead of their own.

It’s easy to say you’ll work and be on call when everything is running fine. But it takes integrity to answer the call, resolve the issue, and show your colleagues that you can be counted on. At Itemize, every member of its small team can be counted on, and it’s because they have proven their commitment to integrity time and time again.

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