Accurate Invoice Processing

The hard part is done. Simply connect to Itemize, send the document and receive your processed documents within seconds.

Manage Cashflow Effectively

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Reduce Costs of Accounts Payable

Labor costs typically consume 62% of total AP costs. Itemize Invoice Extraction cuts down on these labor costs and the need for manual intervention when processing invoices. With lower per-document costs than manual data entry, and far better accuracy, Itemize invoice automation software quickly generates a positive ROI.

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Capture More Data

Forward the digital copy or image of your invoice documents to Itemize Invoice Extraction and receive a highly accurate digital record of the invoice data for your workflow system. Fields included are Date, Invoice Number, Vendor, Balance Due, and Payment Terms, all generated within a 60-minute upload window.

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Enterprise firms

Itemize’s automated invoice processing verifies that invoices are correct, using multi-dimensional authentication technologies. With a 99%+ Accuracy SLA, Itemize makes it easier to reconcile invoices with Purchase Orders and shipping notices, in order to accelerate payment. Plus Itemize provides a rich data set for audit and compliance needs.

Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing

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No Fees

No longer have to pay any late fees for missed payments.

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ERP Integration

Have the ability to integrate with ERP systems.

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Fraud Prevention

Multiple detection points to prevent fraud.

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Cost Reduction

Reduce all of your necessary and unecessary costs.

Why use Itemize?

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99% Accurate

Any format achieves 
99%+ accuracy, guaranteed.

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Extract the fields you need to submit payments.

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Lower processing cost than if done manually.

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Minimal human touch through the use of AI.

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