VAT Data Extraction

Do not leave money on the table. Use the Itemize VAT Data Extraction API and easily track and reclaim the VAT your business is paying on countless otherwise untracked receipts.

Simplify and Automate VAT Return

Tracking VAT for every receipt is an unavoidable legal requirement for many businesses in the UK. Ten pounds here and there can add up to a meaningful VAT return across hundreds or thousands of quarterly receipts. Unfortunately, the process of actually tracking and submitting all those receipts is time consuming, inaccurate, and laborious. The Itemize VAT Extraction Service can do that work for you and your clients.

The API solution automatically extracts VAT data from paper and digital receipts to streamline the value added tax reclaim process, an ideal solution for financial workflow and supply chain companies.
 With the Itemize VAT Extraction and Recovery Service, submitting documents is easy. Just upload a photo or digital file of the VAT receipt to the API endpoint. Within an hour the VAT data set is extracted, confirmed, validated, and returned to your workflow system.

Claim 100% of VAT Icon

Claim 100% of VAT

Typically 30% of VAT paid and documented on receipts goes un-reclaimed. You can fix this for your clients with Itemize. Upload all your clients’ receipts, hotel bills, and even invoices to obtain highly accurate VAT return data. Track 100% of your VAT. In the process, you’ll also simplify reporting and reconciliation.

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Reduce VAT Costs & Mistakes

With highly accurate and validated data extraction, Itemize is able to provide all of the data you require with none of the mistakes typically experienced with manual data entry. Itemize makes your employees more productive and reduces data entry costs, all while receiving the VAT data required.

Comply with HMRC Requirements Icon

Comply with HMRC Requirements

Itemize processes documents consistent with HMRC’s requirements for Digitization of Tax. You can migrate your clients from manila folders of fading receipts to a fully compliant digital archive that includes receipt authentication and other useful attributes to assist in easily obtaining their VAT return.

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