Itemize Retriever

Itemize Retriever is a friendly, easy-to-use automated invoice and payables system that simplifies tedious and time-consuming manual data entry. Designed with intuitive features, Retriever is just darn good invoice and AP management software.

How Does Retriever Work?

Itemize Retriever enables users to upload their receipts, invoices, and hotel bills to obtain structured data quickly and accurately from the documents. If you are interested in participating as a BETA user, please contact

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Takes minutes (without ever talking to the sales team).

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Starts at $50/month, no hidden fees, no commitment.

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Easy access to FAQs and chat support forever.

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Easily integrate with your existing accounting software.

And the Benefits?

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Quick and Easy

Save a ton of time, money, and wasted paper.

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Eliminate error-prone human data entry.

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Gain unsurpassed visibility into your invoices.

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Accelerate AP by quickly processing your invoices.

What Would You Like to Do?

Sign up to join the Retriever beta user group and start benefitting from a little AI in AP.

How It Works?

Step One

Create your account. Really simple, and only takes a minute. You can even use your existing Google or Exchange account for easy access.

Step Four

Run any reports you wish, press a button and the data will automatically export to QuickBooks, Excel or Google Sheets.

Step Three

Now that your documents have been processed, the data is automatically extracted and shown on your nifty Retriever Dashboard.

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Step Two

Upload paper invoices and receipts or connect your email, Dropbox, and Google Drive account for automatic retrieval.

Get Started

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