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Full-featured expense management in a straightforward intuitive application. 100% mobile enabled, with a companion website.  Easily scan and manage within one intuitive platform.

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Intelligently Reads Receipts

Artificial Intelligence reads the receipt and extracts detailed data for you. All you have to do is snap a photo with your smartphone camera. Within seconds the data is read, verified, and added to your expense timeline.

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Reports Expenses in a Snap

Itemize has great expense report templates that enable you to generate your expense report in under a minute. Or if you prefer, you can create your own report, or export your data into Excel to run your own analysis. Plus Itemize integrates with accounting software for maximum control and efficiency.


Receipt Scanner & Organizer

Itemize delivers great expense management features designed to keep you organized on the go. Easily capture, tag, and manage your receipts in one easy-to-use interface.

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Capture Paper Receipts

Itemize harnesses AI to automatically capture receipt data. Results are typically read and verified in 60 seconds.

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Auto Upload E-Mailed Receipts

Itemize syncs with Gmail, Exchange and others so that your digital receipts appear automatically in your account.

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Assign Tags and Project Codes

Assign project codes, expense categories, and comments to receipts. Plus you can sort and filter expenses as you like.

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Match Receipts with Statements

Securely connect your credit card accounts so that Itemize automatically pairs receipts with their matching credit card record.

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Easily Generate Reports

Templated formats quickly generate standard reports. Or you can download data sets to Excel and do it yourself.

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Upload to Accounting Software

Itemize connects with QuickBooks, Xero and SageOne to keep your accounting up to date.

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Sales Tax and VAT Reporting

Itemize automatically captures and reads sales tax and VAT data for your tax reporting needs. Just run a report.

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Reimburse Others Instantly

Connect to Venmo so that you can link a receipt to a Venmo payment or request. Keeps your team members happy with fast reimbursements.

Some Words from Happy Customers

Hear what active Itemize users have to say about its features

Itemize Expense changed everything for me. It helped me to see all of my expenses, see where I was spending money, and help cut costs. Plus, my office was no longer a pile of random paper invoices. I’m more organized and I get more done.

Jennifer KingOwner, Teas and Bees

Your HELP HAS ARRIVED! Every year business owners scramble to put together year end summaries for taxes. Using the Itemize App as a tool for preparing year end taxes is just like having a CPA year round. Itemize will record and file every transaction from a credit card or checking account and store it in your personal account for year end taxes. As a Financial Professional, keeping track of all my deductions; client meetings, meals and entertainment, car mileage, and fuel oil are all dedications is so important and I need all the help possible staying organized!

Henry HFinancial Services Professional

As a traveling evangelist, I cannot keep files with me at all times. Itemize has helped my expense tracking tremendously. I can take a photo of my receipt, categorize it and move on. Come tax season I can quickly and easily run reports for my deductions. I highly recommend it for anyone who constantly finds themselves spending hours tracking paper copies of receipts and then spending countless hours at tax season calculating. The price you pay for it is way less than you'd pay an accountant and the savings in deductions make the program pay for itself.

John CReligious Evangelist