Real Estate

As a Real Estate agent, you are your own business. So tracking your expenses accurately is vital to managing your income tax burden. Yet because recording expenses properly has been a tedious and time-consuming process, many agents don’t do as much as they can, leaving money on the table every April.

That all changes with Itemize, which uses AI to track your expenses for you. Starting now. Put that fancy phone to use by automating your expenses.

Itemize Expense Management

Itemize Expense

The “just right” mobile expense management solution with smart data capture and receipt tagging, designed for small business.

Itemize Retriever

Itemize Retriever

For midsized and growing businesses seeking to automate tedious manual accounts payable processes and reduce accounting costs.

Itemize API

Itemize API

The ideal AI-powered capture solution for enterprises seeking richer data sets and better operating efficiencies in AP and compliance.

Everything about real estate is inventory.

But receipts aren’t the inventory you should be stockpiling! That time invested in finding listings, turning FISBOs, closing the deal and showing clients around town takes up valuable time. Yet, so many agents and brokers are still doing expense management the hard way – in wasting many hours every week managing them. You pull houses off the internet when you used to tote around MLS books, right? Make an upgrade and put that fancy phone to use by automating your expenses.

  • Easily manage disparate receipts, invoices, and account statements
  • Eliminate the need for storing paper receipts
  • Makes Quarterly Tax filing a breeze


Itemize for Real Estate Agents

Want to know more on how Itemize can help Real Estate firms? Watch this short video about Itemize.

What Type of Firm Are You?

Whether you are a small business with one to five employees or a growing mid-sized company, Itemize’s products can help you simplify and improve your expense management.  And if you work at a large enterprise, you will be in good company with other organizations that have integrated the Itemize API into their financial workflow systems.

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Independent Contractors and Gig Workers

With Itemize, independent contractors and gig works can quickly and easily get organized and stay that way. Every expense can be tagged and organized, and matched with multiple debit and credit card statements. Reporting is super easy.

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Growing and Midsized Firms

Itemize solutions enable mid sized businesses to move away from folders full of receipts and invoices waiting for both the bookkeeper and subsequent client reimbursement. That accelerates cash flow and helps manage accounting costs. Key members of the finance team can focus on higher value tasks – not data entry and basic compliance tasks.

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Enterprise Organizations

Large organizations with existing expense, accounting, and ERP systems turn to Itemize to help increase automation and efficiency. Itemize supports enterprise clients with API services and white-label products that increase expense capture automation, drive AP workflow efficiency, and improve compliance effectiveness.

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